A deutzia that shouldn’t be missed


For a moment, I considered that flowers in the garden were finally beginning to fade, and that I might gain a bit of rest between our visits. As usual, I was mistaken. So, with updates due on late flowering dogwoods and Japanese maples, and the Japanese irises poised to begin flowering in only a few days, I was concerned that I might not fit in a description of the wonderful deutzia ‘Magician’ (Deutzia x hybrida ‘Magicien’, below).Deutzia 'Magicien'

Deutzias are mostly unremarkable after flowering, though the yellow leafed ‘Chardonnay Pearls’ (Deutzia gracilis ‘Duncan’, below) is a possible exception. ‘Magician’ (or ‘Magicien’ to be more correct) contributes only as an ordinary, medium height, green shrub after flowering, but in bloom it is extraordinary. There is no need to go on about this marvelous flower, the photos tell the story, and this small piece of the five foot tall shrub reveals only a small part of its glory. Unfortunately, ‘Magician’ is rarely found in commerce, which is confounding to me. If you’re able to locate one, buy it. Deutzia Chardonnay Pearls

The hardy orchids are referred to as ground orchids because they grow in soil rather than growing with aerial roots that anchor tropical orchids to a tree or shrub. Several years ago I purchased a few small roots (Bletilla striata, below) of several varieties. None have disappointed, and these have grown into a small, but expanding colony. The initial purchase is quite expensive, but with sun and decent ground they grow and spread quickly so that the investment is well worthwhile. There is no arguing that the flowers are extraordinary, though perhaps a grade below flowers of the tropicals.Bletilla striatas.

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