The garden’s inventory gets longer as my memory gets shorter, I fear. Perhaps it’s just today, but I can hardly recall what’s planted where if it’s not up and growing. As I add new plantings this is likely to result in conflicts, and with planting a few Japanese maples last week it occurs to me that this collection is getting larger, and already there are more than a few cultivar names that I’ve forgotten.

An unidentified pink camellia has minor freeze damage. Other buds opening later are unblemished.

Don’t feel sorry for me. Despite being color blind, half deaf (the half that can’t hear my wife), scent challenged, and with a variety of parts that are fused, busted, or worn out, I’m getting along just fine. In a spark of motivation (or boredom), the spring clean up of the worst of the mess that I plan to get around to was finished up by mid-March. Other parts just won’t get done, as usual, but once leaves are out most of this won’t be seen as long as you don’t look too hard. As the prerogative of the gardener, I apologize for nothing.

The worst of the debris has been cleaned from the garden’s ponds. Raindrops ripple along one pond’s edge.

Hopefully, the eye (at least mine) is distracted by lovely blooms and fine foliage, and that’s what the garden is about. Most definitely, I don’t care much for chores that others claim are a part of the garden’s joy. Not mine. There are lots of necessary evils in the garden. Who can possibly enjoy weeding? But, it must be done. Occasionally, and as little as possible.

With mild temperatures forecast for this week, flower buds of Dr. Merrill magnolia are ready, with a minimum of freeze damage.

After twenty-nine years in this garden the goal continues to be to cram in as many beauties as possible, and someday, cover every inch with something so that not a weed can grow. I’m working hard on the beauties, but the weed free part will probably never happen. But, every year it gets a bit closer. And, if I cannot possibly reach this point, at the least I can add more distractions.

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