A perfect day


This week, I traveled across country for business, but two days early to visit gardens on Washington state’s Bainbridge Island and to hike in the Olympic National Forest. The weather on arrival was sunny and sixty-two, ideal for both leisurely garden strolls and strenuous climbs, fortunate timing since it turned hot a day later.

Sunday’s garden was Bloedel Reserve, a particular favorite, visited first a year ago. Superb gardens should inspire the gardener, and this one has encouraged multiple purchases in an effort to create at home some semblance of this late spring paradise.

A rainy first year has helped young trilliums, waxbells, and Asian mayapples, but Virginia’s summer heat and the dry shade of this garden present additional challenges. I am hopeful that another year’s growth will bring full size leaves, though my wife argues this cover invites even more black snakes.

The Bloedel garden is viewed along walking trails that are never manicured, but increasingly touched by the human hand as the visitor nears the estate’s house. Plants flow naturally over and through neighbors, and I imagine the garden’s staff spends much time editing the scene to prevent the more vigorous from taking over.

On a tight schedule to visit the garden, hike the lower section of Mount Ellinor, and then onto Portland, Oregon to meet my traveling partner, only three hours were spent in this marvelous garden. But, this was sufficient time to prepare a list of must haves for autumn planting.

The Mount Ellinor trail (below) was only slightly less inspiring, though exhausting after a side trail added an additional thousand feet of elevation a day after I could barely stumble into my hotel after climbing a few thousand feet. I am too old for this, or at least nearly too old for such strenuous hikes on consecutive days, but I was motivated to see what treasures bordered the trail around every switchback. There was a long day, but perfect.

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  1. Thanks for sharing a perfect day. I enjoy rambling through gardens as there is always so much to see and learn.

    1. Dave says:

      I don’t get out as much as I should, but always enjoy orher gardens.

  2. Monique Wilson says:

    There are beautiful Japanese gardens in the Seattle area. So worth a stop.

  3. nancy marie allen says:

    I’m inspired by all those shady beauties!

  4. tonytomeo says:

    Goodness! I really should get out more. I used to go to the Silverdale and Poulsbo annually, but have not been there in many years. I remember part of the Olympic National Forest, but have not yet been to Bainbridge Island.

  5. Gardening Gal says:

    What a serene and gorgeous garden! Thanks for sharing A Perfect Day with all. It certainly provided a tranquil respite for my day. And, you are not alone, having difficulty with climbing a couple thousand feet! That is really tough for us oldsters from the East.

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