Evergold carex (Carex oshimensis ‘Evergold’, below) spreads slowly but dependably, and no matter that I didn’t notice this until now, the evergreen clump along the front walk has stealthily invaded into hundreds of snowdrops (Galanthus). While the particular snowdrops in the area are taller ones that stand tall enough to be seen through the sedge, this is not acceptable in the long term. One or the other, or both must go, and I expect both must be pulled up, then teased apart before being relocated.

The ideal time to move snowdrops is now, or when they are just past bloom, and since the carex can be pulled out any time, this will be a project for the next few weeks. But, it must be done. The carex will continue to spread, and there are many more snowdrops that are lower growing ones that will be a continuing problem if this isn’t handled soon.

The gardener understands that unexpected somethings will pop up regularly, some good and others a nuisance, and the carex invasion fits into the inconvenient, but solvable category. Of course, I would rather not be bothered by such chores, but an hour spent digging, then sorting snowdrops from carex and replanting will solve the problem. But, only for this year, so I must remember to curb the growth of the creeping sedge so that the chore is not required a year from now.

As a quick and temporary solution, the Evergold carex was chopped back so the snowdrops could be seen better.

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  1. Valerie says:

    I am a new gardener. I appreciate seeing how you encountered a problem in your garden and plan to resolve it. Too many times I see photos or videos of “perfect” gardens online, in which the plants are planted on top of each other, and I never know if the reason for the lack of weeds or other issues is because the plants chosen do not encroach on other plants, or the gardener spends hours weeding and/or separating plants and does not own up to that. So thanks for sharing how you are going to resolve an issue that you are experiencing in your garden. I learn from others’ experiences.

    1. Dave says:

      I see magazine gardens and wonder how the gardener manages. There are easier climates and soils to work with, but every garden has its problems. The goal is to minimize these, and increase the positives, which is not so difficult.

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