17 years is a long time, and my memory’s short

Famously forgetful, I could not recall seventeen years back. Did we have Brood X cicadas? I thought maybe, probably a few, but not a lot. But, apparently I was mistaken. Today, there are none while our sons in other parts of the area are experiencing their curious shenanigans by the thousands.

‘Silver Cloud’ redbud with no cicadas in sight.

When I express halfhearted disappointment at their absence I am assured that another brood, another year will invade the garden, but I expect not. While my faulty recollection might forget a few scattered cicadas, I would certainly recall a full scale invasion in the thirty-two years we’ve occupied this garden.

Purple smokebush. Also with no cicadas.

I suppose that for a few weeks I would enjoy the buzz of the mating cicadas instead of the constant drone of lawn mowers while I’m lounging in the garden. Yes, cicadas can be a nuisance, but then they are gone, and seventeen years from now, if I’m fortunate to still be around, will I wonder again if the garden will be invaded?

Lower branches of ‘Samaritan’ kousa dogwood are shaded, so it flowers only at the top. Note, no cicadas.

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  1. Bonnie C. says:

    Be thankful that your lovely garden missed out on the last cicada invasion around these parts. While we here in Rixeyville/Culpeper haven’t heard or seen any yet this time around, we profoundly remember the last invasion. The sound was deafening for several weeks, & both a Pink dogwood & a “Louisa” weeping crabapple were so badly damaged by the females’ egg-laying antics it took them a full two years to recover & we frankly thought we’d lose both trees.

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