A pleasant spot to relax

Stone paths in the sloped, upper third of the rear garden meander along and across a stream and three small ponds, converging at a boulder bordered, circular, slate patio where parts of the three ponds can be seen and heard. The ponds were constructed twenty or more years ago, one after the other over several years, usually planned, then quickly dug while my wife traveled out of town over a weekend. (A pond along the front walk and the large koi pond were constructed much later, with my wife’s prior knowledge.) The shaded patio is ideal for resting out of the sun, and occasionally for a quick nap in the Adirondack chairs.

The stone path and stream are bordered by hostas, Japanese Forest grass, sweetbox and assorted shade loving perennials.
The first pond was constructed just beyond the granite bench. The patio, steps, two additional ponds and plantings came later.

Long ago I discovered the benefit of laboring while my wife is traveling, and now it is best so that she doesn’t pester me. One day I’m not drinking enough fluid, the next the granite boulders are far too large for a man of my age to move without assistance. Often, while in the act, I agree, but once started there is no one but me and the task is accomplished with many grunts and groans, but without troubles more than just a bit of soreness the following day. Certainly, my days of heavy lifting are nearing an end, but I stubbornly refuse to give in.

Hostas planted into gaps between mossy stones at the stream’s edge have been joined by native sporelings of Sensitive fern.

No doubt, periods of rest are now longer than two decades earlier, but with a mature garden there is less to be done every day and more time to relax beneath the canopy of large Japanese maples, dogwoods, serviceberry, and stewartia. More than once I’ve been startled back from semi consciousness by a fox or deer trotting down the stone path, but always there is a chorus of birds to lull me back into a stupor.

The small pond at the bottom of the stream is overhung by a wide spreading Maresi vibrurnum and a serviceberry.
The green leafed Viridis Japanese maple has grown ten or twelve feet across, at least. It is difficult to measure its spread since a third of the tree protrudes over the small pond, the first of five that have been constructed.
The two level pond below the deck is mostly covered by spreading acorus, and two large blue leafed hostas that are growing on moist rock.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. The English Gardener says:

    Beautiful, just gorgeous. A well deserved reward for many years of toil. Well done!

    1. Dave says:

      Gardens should be works in progress, and no doubt this one will never be complete. It is, however, much less work with mature plantings, so the reward multiplies by the year.

  2. Mary Barker says:

    So pretty! All of the colors, textures, sizes and variety of greenery , along with your water features, makes for a lovely place to sit & ENJOY ! So impressive!

    1. Dave says:

      I believe that I could put a proper design to paper, but I am far happier to find plants that I must have, then find a spot for them without the constraints of a prior design. While size is most important, I do not consciously think about color and texture. I presume their are clashing colors somewhere in the garden, maybe in many places.

  3. Sylvia. Darrow says:

    Such a beautiful place to relax in!

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