From start to finish

As the new year approaches and spring seems so distant I am comforted reflecting on the garden’s successes, and look forward to more in the coming year. Certainly, there were bumps along the way, but I am pleased that none haunt me as plans are made for spring.

A year ago, the new year started with a bang. Heavy, often wet snow can create big problems, though I don’t recall any from this snow. Outdoor activities besides shoveling were delayed.
Hellebores brighten the winter garden from late December until March.
Snowdrops multiplied nicely this year with many clumps divided and transplanted after flowering.
The garden awakens in late winter, announced by winter jasmine, paperbushes, and Okame cherry.
Snow in mid March dashes hopes for an early spring.
Flowering of the fernleaf Japanese maple is treasured each spring.
By early April, the garden begins to make a show.
May, the garden’s peak.
The prized Golden Full Moon Japanese maple flanks the summerhouse.
The path from the driveway to the rear garden has undergone a recent renovation. It has quickly become a jungle.
Weeds invade the gravel bordering the koi pond patio, but who’s looking as the red horse chestnut is flowering?
My favorite spot in the garden along the stream.
Moss adds to the texture of this spot beside the koi pond patio.
The one-of-a-kind, variegated mutation of Rising Sun redbud has grown splendidly.
By late spring the Viridis Japanese maple and Ostrich ferns overwhelm the chairs on the upper patio. No matter, the chairs are so old I don’t dare sit on them.
By late summer the planting along the path to the rear garden has become more of a jumble.
Flamethrower is one of the newest redbud additions.
The lightly shaded path beside the stream remains vibrant in late summer.
The planting beside the koi pond patio in late summer.
The yellow leafed Silver Fleece vine grows with exuberance.
Mangaves are dug and stored indoors for the winter, but they add to the new planting in the lower, rear garden.
The newly planted area in the lower, rear garden has quickly filled with the assistance of a large variegated canna.
The season winds down with leaves covering the garden.

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  1. Chuck says:


  2. The English Gardener says:

    Dave thank you ever so much for letting us walk alongside with you as you gardened in 2022. Beautiful photos, realistic, laid back approach to gardening.
    Looking forward to the trip in 2023. (Smile).
    Happy new year!
    The English Gardener

    1. Dave says:

      This record keeping is very worthwhile to refresh my often faulty memory, and I think all gardeners like to share the beauty of their gardens. I also like to emphasize that the garden need not consume every waking hour.

  3. Mary Barker says:

    So many beautiful tree & plant varieties highlighted in your “rambles”! I’ve been inspired & motivated through your posts all through the year. Thank-you for sharing your photos & insights & humor !

    1. Dave says:

      I hope to ramble on with new projects for new year. I appreciate that you follow along.

  4. Linus says:

    Cool lizard-puzzle tile. Where did you get it?

    1. Dave says:

      Long ago, a local startup contacted us. When possible, I trial new products before offering to customers. I soon found that the concrete was too soft, with several pavers cracking quickly. Never heard from him again.

  5. Kathleen McSweeney says:

    A lovely view of your garden! I so enjoy your messages as you observe throughout the year and frequently act to care for singular plantings. Thank you and happy gardening in 2023!

    1. Dave says:

      Views of the garden at times of peak flowering can make spring seem so far off, but I am planning by the day. Thank you for visiting.

  6. Carole Woodson says:


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