Garden show setup

“The garden looks like it’s been here forever.” But it’s inside a huge warehouse-type building. And the garden is “planted” on a concrete floor, so that’s impossible. How does the setup for a garden show garden work? And, how long does it take? The garden begins long before the setup in the show hall begins….

Garden ponds in winter

Take a break, it’s cold outside. By early December there’s not much else left to do with your garden pond except wait for spring. If you didn’t cover your pond with a net to keep leaves out by early November then it’s too late now, and the leaves will have to overwinter in the pond….

Good grief, it’s not rocket surgery

“Now the gardener is the one who has seen everything ruined so many times that (even as his pain increases with each loss) he comprehends – truly knows – that where there was a garden once, it can be again, or where there never was, there can be a garden so that all who see…

The garden in early November

There’s still plenty of color in my garden in early November. Even though we’ve had more than a handful of days with temperatures below freezing and heavy frost on multiple occasions some blooming plants are just beginning their annual show. Camellias The Winter Star and Winter’s Interlude camellias are beginning to bloom. They will bloom…

The Swimming Pond

    Just what I needed, another pond. The inspiration for my sixth and largest pond began with reading a garden magazine article about natural swimming ponds in Europe. A brief investigation on the internet revealed a couple companies in the US who had built one or two, and some reference materials. Within a few hours the idea became a…