An early April stroll


Words can hardly describe the beauty to be seen on a stroll through the garden in early April. While flowers of magnolias might capture the gardener’s attention, he should not be distracted from other, more subtle beauties.

The pale yellow flower of Elizabeth magnolia was not damaged by recent freezing temperatures.
With neighborhood redbuds flowering, dogwoods follow closely behind.
Fragrant viburnums flower at the forest’s edge.
Yellow flowered euphorbia poke out of leaf clutter.
This cypress spurge claims to be a rampant grower, but now it grows only in gravel filled crevices of a stone patio. A vigorous, dark leafed geranium (Espresso) has pushed it to the margins.
The red flowered buckeye leafs early and the flower stalk can already be seen.
Leaves emerging on this Scolopendrifoliumn Japanese maple.
Emerging leaves and flowers on Lion’s Head Japanese maple.
Leaves and flowers emerging on this Fernleaf Japanese maple.
Catkins on a weeping European hornbeam.
Emerging leaves on a Katsura tree.



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  1. Anne says:

    Beautiful, as always – thank you Dave!

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