A splendid seedling

I believe that this relatively small, nearly yellow leafed hosta is a seedling, though I cannot be certain. This is a young hosta, probably two or three years old, that was transplanted to the edge of this shaded bed.

Though most are uninteresting, several intriguing hosta seedlings have been discovered through the years. These are often found in crevices between stones, or lodged against path stones where seeds have drifted on rainwaters. There are a number of small leafed hosta cultivars in the garden, so it should not be surprising to find small leafed seedlings, that are transplanted to safer locations where the inattentive gardener will not stomp them to death.

The small leafed hostas usually stay true to the seedling form, though predictably leaves grow slightly larger by the second year. And while the leaves of this hosta are somewhat larger, medium-small, I say, it is distinguished by yellowish leaves, and more by the lovely, compact flower spikes unlike others I’ve seen. Certainly, it has no commercial value, but discoveries in the garden earn an additional measure of appreciation.

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