I forget

Sometimes, I forget. But, then the garden reminds that some task was neglected, and today the first color on snowdrops along the front walk is a reminder that much of the wide spreading clump of the evergreen ‘Evergold’ carex should have been dug out as flowers faded a year ago.

Instead, the carex was cut to the ground where snowdrops and ‘Evergold’ are intertwined, a temporary solution that could be done annually if the grass-like sedge was cut well before the snowdrops’ first growth. But, in early December there is no flower to signal the warning. So, here we are again, with many tall, spindly snowdrops rising through the dense sedge.

Ideally, I will be alerted by mid February to dig clumps of the carex, which could then be replanted elsewhere once the snowdrops are pried apart. The past bloom snowdrops can then be planted where they can multiply without competition. This is not a difficult project, but with diminished urgency in winter I am most apt to forget.

With a most welcome rain subsiding this afternoon, a ‘Persian Spire’ parrotia was dug from the corner of the garden shed, a spot where excess dampness killed a treasured Franklinia, and how could I repeat this mistake? The parrotia has leafed successfully each year, but then fades without adding growth, and of course this is a formula that is doomed to failure.

With little root growth in the damp soil the tree was easily dug, with the plan to move it several feet to higher ground. But, the shallow hole quickly filled with water, so this is no better than the parrotia’s previous position, though it is closer to the stone path to the lower, rear garden which it eventually would obstruct. With impending darkness, the tree was set into the hole. There are few obvious options in this overcrowded garden where ‘Persian Spire’ can be planted, but a columnar tree is more easily fit into a tight space. I’ll work it out in the morning. If I don’t forget.

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