A tale of two days

Shoulda, coulda, but didn’t. I was aware that snow was forecast for today. Ideally, I would have taken advantage of yesterday’s sixty degree temperatures to tie the mahonia’s branches (below). Instead, I browsed the unusual number of blooms for this first week of the new year, so this morning a tall branch obstructs the path to the rear garden, clearly torn from the shrub by the weight of this clinging snow.

No doubt, more damage will be found as I survey the garden. I hope that this is the worst of it, but rarely do I see this volume of snow accumulated on branches, many that arch to the ground.

The many blooms of sasanqua, autumn flowering hybrids, and spring flowering camellias enjoyed in yesterday’s mildness are blanketed today in snow.

As the snowfall slackens I will grab the leaf rake to gently nudge branches, in particular ones of evergreens that might be permanently bent if the bulk of snow is not removed. Many arching branches obstruct the garden’s paths, so snow will be removed to permit passage, but I expect no more than minor damage to the garden’s dogwoods and Japanese maples.

I was pleased several years ago when branches reached to overlap from both sides of the driveway. This morning, branches arch to block the drive. The snow is easily removed, but I’m not going anywhere today.

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  1. Wow, that is some snowfall for your area! I hope your garden had little damage.

    1. Dave says:

      A large branch was lost from one of two Seriyu maples that overhang the front walk. The break must be cleaned up, but the tree is quite dense so once the cover of snow is gone I expect there will not be much of a problem. Otherwise, dead and weakened branches were cleaned out and nothing worse, it appears.

      1. I’m glad to know the damage to your maple isn’t serious, that’s such a lovely tree.

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