The last snow day?

Just as the last patches of snow were melting in this shaded, slow to thaw garden, here comes another few inches. With typical for February, mild temperatures forecast for midweek, this snow should melt quickly, and there seems a possibility that suitable weather to get started on winter chores might be around the corner. No doubt, winter’s chill is likely to return, but following a cold January a few warmer days will be encouraging.

Yucca rostrata is quite cold hardy, and typically springs back from snow and ice damage.

There is little reason that the winter cleanup must be started in February. Often, little is accomplished in this garden before mid-March when there is increased urgency, but with the lack of any activity in this chilly and snowy January, I look forward to any days when fallen branches can be gathered without slip sliding on icy patches. Leaves will be removed from hellebores to speed developing flowers, but little else must be done in a hurry.

This swelling camellia bud is likely to open late in the week with warming temperatures.

Each day I notice another branch broken in the dogwoods and Japanese maples that will require cleaning up, pruning jagged breaks to the next lower branch. No damage should be disfiguring, and no harm is done by delaying repairs until a warm, sunny March afternoon.

Arnold Promise and other witch hazels showing a glimpse of color should open into full flower in the next week.
Flower buds of paperbushes (Edgeworthia chrysantha) swelled slowly in a cold January, but the pace should accelerate quickly.
Typically, flowering of Winter Sun mahonia fades by mid January, but this has slowed in the recent cold.

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