More than enough

In mid September, hundreds of blackberry lily (Iris domestica, formerly known as Belamcanda chinensis, below) seeds have recently been harvested from lilies grown from seed, starting with only a few plants several years ago. I’ll set these in seed trays in late winter, but unlike other years when most seedlings were planted in the garden by late spring, it’s likely most will be given away.

Blackberry lily seeds germinate without special care, but as with all tender new seedlings, they must be watered. Seedlings dependably flower the second summer.

With so many seeds and few sunny places for planting, I was quite careless this past winter, missing several critical waterings that limited the yield. While the failed seed cost me nothing, I committed to not being so wasteful next time. I’m certain there are acquaintances who would love to have a few, and it’s likely our sons can jam a few more into their gardens.

I’m not big on propagating. Too often I fail to monitor moisture so that seedlings or rooted cuttings fail. I regularly split vigorous perennials, and transplant offsets of purple leafed ajugas (below) and rooted stems of the creeping ‘Wolong Ghost’ euonymus. These are dug and immediately planted, so they rarely fail. Transplanted divisions fill many gaps in the garden, and of course it is so easily done and the price is right.

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  1. Duane Jeter says:

    I’d love to have some of your Blackberry Lilly seeds. I’ve just started a 1/2 acre wildflower meadow, and I’m looking for something to plant at the meadows edge and into the tree line.
    If there’s any lift to share, please reach out.
    Thanks, Duane.

    1. Dave says:

      Duane, I’d be happy to send you some seeds. Please forward your address to [email protected] and I’ll mail a packet.

      1. Duane Jeter says:

        Dave, thanks so much for your generosity. I’m at:
        3122 French Hill Dr.
        Powhatan, VA 23139

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