Whatta day

Tis a glorious morning, with temperatures quickly rising from below freezing. In a few minutes, Barbara and I will head out to the mountains, our first hike to a mountaintop in weeks as my cold averse wife seems confident today’s sixty-five degrees (Fahrenheit) will not translate into freezing temperatures at the top. (Spring ephemeral flowers from the hike, below.)

Hepaticas in a range of colors were seen from 1300 feet elevation (the base of the trail) to 2000 feet.

The first package of plants arrived this morning, so a few terrestrial orchids, eryngiums, and rodgersias were planted before we head out. Yesterday, several hours were spent in cleanup, the first significant labor of the new year. There’s still work along the edges to be done, but the worst of it has now been accomplished.

More hepaticas

As I sit on the circle, stone patio squirrels romp through the Japanese maples and a chorus of birdsong partially masks barking dogs in the distance. Steep hills on all sides funnel cold into the garden, so early flowering magnolias are behind others up the street. The first full bloom is a few days off, and I hope that damaging freezes delay for a week to allow full enjoyment before turning the flowers to mush. Buds are swelling and perennials emerging everywhere in the garden, and perhaps there will be a few moments to return to this Adirondack chair before dark this evening.

Flowers were sparse at elevations above 2000 feet, but this clump of toothwort at 2500 feet was warmed by rocks.

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  1. Jim and Karen Clark says:

    The Hepaticas is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Dave says:

      As soon as we stepped onto the trail we were overjoyed to see hepaticas after a winter without green in the forest. There is a surprising amount of variation in color, but the first photo is predominant and the best.

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