I don’t recall how the little sweet violets (Viola labradorica, below) got started in the garden. I suspect I planted one years ago. Certainly, I did not plant the green leafed violets that are only slightly ornamental. They’re a bit of a nuisance, though I could care less that they’ve invaded the small, weedy, rear lawn. Yes, I know, seeds from the lawn leap into the planted areas, but I’m dealing with it without too much trouble.

In any case, I’d be happy if the dark leafed violet would take over a bit more. It tends to grow in small clumps, spreading but not too far or fast. The dark leaf would make an ideal background for so many plants, and from what I’ve seen it’s not going to overwhelm its neighbors, so why not?

I’ve no complaints about the hundreds, maybe thousands of hellebore seedlings. A few beauties reached flowering size for the first time this year (above and below). I’ll be moving these into more prominent spots rather than hidden beneath camellias, and if one in a hundred of the smaller volunteers turns out so good, I’ll be overjoyed. Inevitably, many must be weeded out. Where could another thousand mature hellebores fit?

As usual, the wood poppies (Stylophorum diphyllum, below) are popping up in the shaded side garden, spreading but not threatening to overwhelm neighbors. With Robb’s spurge (Euphorbia robbiae) and wood poppies spreading through this dry shade there’s hardly an inch not covered, though if I want to plant something (a hellebore?) a space is easily carved out.

While not a seedling, I must mention that two low hanging, rooted stems of the ‘Royal Star’ magnolia were dug and potted yesterday. There are several others, and possibly I’ll plant one in the side yard to test how much shade it will tolerate. Others are for giveaway, always offered to our sons first, then to aquaintances.

Two magnolias with flowers were dug from rooted branches at the base of ‘Royal Star’.

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