Coneflower magic

After mediocre, or worse, results with coneflowers in prior years, it suddenly seems I’ve gained a magical touch. In recent years, only a lone white flowered ‘Coconut Lime’ has survived, which is remarkable since it must peek out for sunlight from beneath an ever spreading cypress.

A year ago, after repeated failures with purple coneflowers that any novice can succeed with, I planted a second white, ‘Powwow White’ (above), with the reasoning that if one white can succeed, perhaps a second will also. And, it has.

In fact, ‘Powwow’ has now spawned several vigorous seedlings, all in shades of purple. These are thriving, and in truth it is clear that I have done nothing except plant this coneflower in an ideal situation. Which is, of course, as many of the notable successes of this garden are, a complete accident since the coneflower was planted in one of very few spots open at the time.

Most remarkable, it is now the first of November and all coneflowers are again flowering. Certainly, some extraordinary care has been necessary to bring this about, you must say. But, I’ve barely been able to keep coneflowers alive in recent years. I cannot say if this late bloom is unusual or not, though I expect that unusually warm temperatures through October are the cause. Be assured, no special skill should be attributed to this event.

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  1. Bridget Evans says:

    This year I was also amazed to see a proliferation of coneflowers that had arrived at my front door! I must have had 10 new plants by no scheme of my own! They thrived all summer and put on a beautiful show during ‘Garden Walk” here in Buffalo NY. Echinacea is know for ‘walking around’ the garden. Glad you had good luck too!

  2. Donna says:

    Your garden has inspired me for years. Beautiful. Love the white in the garden. And how special it’s blooming now. My Dahlias are too, as well as Toad Lilies. Color has been late on the Crepe Myrtles but they too are ablaze. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I haven’t had much luck with coneflowers either, but you’ve inspired me (maybe) to try again! I love the white ones …

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